Dan Cummins: TRYING TO GET BETTER [FULL Comedy Standup Special]
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Recorded in Minneapolis at The Parkway Theater on Saturday, December 10th, Dan's 4th hour special (following Crazy with a Capital F, Don't Wake the Bear, and Get Outta Here; Devil!) is his best.

Recorded in front of an enthusiastic audience of Timesuck podcast fans, and fans of his Scared to Death podcast as well, Dan talks about everything from the nonsensical political polarization of America, to abortion rights, to hunting, how modern language expectations could destroy his style of comedy, the problem with the intersection of religion and politics, and much more. All in his signature style of social commentary and sarcastic absurdism. Please watch, like, subscribe, and share!!

00:00 Intro
00:47 We're All Random D**kheads
02:29 Hold On To Your Apocalypse Horses
03:31 Bill Gates' Evil Beakers
05:19 Holocaust Denier Holocaust
05:46 Your God Is Ronald McDonald
10:51 You Don't Have to Be FOX or CNN
12:37 Nobody Knows What Sky Daddy Wants
15:49 Every Joke Has a Victim
22:07 Bend the Knee
26:49 Glory Be To Gilead!
34:28 Hunting Is a Kindess
36:52 A Happy Family Hunting Tale
40:06 RIP Richard Bartholomew Cummins
44:32 Sloths and Sea Turtles
47:34 Emo Sad-Boy Owls
51:37 Creepy Mama Bird
56:02 Match the Photo Voting Test
57:46 Maybe The Fart Jar Crowd Shouldn't Vote
1:00:46 Vote For Cummins/Hotdog Anderson
1:04:41 Get Our Of Your Echo Chamber, Crybaby
1:07:16 Perseverance Fairy

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More About Dan:
Dan is a comic and podcaster currently living in Couer d'Alene, Idaho with his wife and children. Dan’s unique blend of dark absurdism and storytelling began in Spokane, Washington over 20 years ago at a comedy open mic in the corner of a sports bar.

In 2006, Dan's standup first appeared on television, appearing on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In 2008, he had his first televised special with a Comedy Central Presents 1/2 hour. In 2010, Comedy Central gave him an hour special, Crazy with a Capital F, that was also later licensed for several years to Netflix. He also appeared on The Tonight Show (appearing again 4 years later). Dan's appearance on Comedy Central's This is Not Happening in 2015 has almost 4 million views. In 2012, he released the third of five comedy albums on Warner Brothers Records, Hear This!, which became one of the top spinning comedy albums on Pandora and made Dan one of Pandora's most popular comedians, racking up over 500 million spins and over 400,000 stations created. In 2016, he released the hour special, Don't Wake the Bear, on Amazon. In 2020, Get Outta Here; Devil! followed on Amazon. Both currently hold 4.5/5 star ratings or better. Dan also hosts two very popular podcasts, Timesuck and Scared to Death. Timesuck has been downloaded/streamed over 100 million times, and Scared to Death has been downloaded/streamed over 50 million times.

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Dan Cummins: TRYING TO GET BETTER [FULL Comedy Standup Special]
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