Bobbie Meets The Beatles!
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This a story created for The Beatles Live! Project. Bobbie Wygant, longtime entertainment reporter at NBC 5 in Dallas Fort Worth discusses her experiences meeting the Beatles in Dallas at a press conference and being a guest at their concert in Dallas. She also discuses the discovery of a photo of her at the press conference that she was not aware existed.

Edited and Directed by Erik Clapp
Produced by Libby Altwegg
Co-Producers: Patti Nelson Bandy and Coleman Anderson
Dedicated to Andy Hanson
Lighting by Libby Altwegg
Camera by Erik Clapp and Patti Nelson Bandy
Music by FirstCom Music

Special Thanks:
The Estate of Andy Hanson
Immotion Studios
Photographic Archives Gallery, Dallas
The Beatles Live! Project
Leah Favia
Bobbie Wygant Archives

Beatles Press Conference- September 18, 1964 Dallas Convention Center, Dallas Texas
Photos Copyright: Andy Hanson and the Estate of Andrew A. Hanson

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Produced by Erik Clapp Cinema + Photo
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