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this viral tiktok dance Nonsense by @sabrinacarpenter is trending all over youtube shorts and tiktok! @PaytonDelu @peja @JazzySkye representing @TheNinjaFam @THEROCKSQUAD and @FunSquadFamily are having fun dancing to this viral new tiktok sound! what other new music are you and your besties dancing to? the best times are doing content for youtube shorts with your creator friends! @AshtonMyler and Ryder crash the video at the end!
did you see our recent video? @peja and @rydertullymusic break up! who gets custody of @Fayeknightly watch until the end to find out!
#trendingshorts #viralvideo #viralshorts #tiktok #tiktokdance
did you see when Salish from @jordanmatter was twins with @PaytonDelu should we do that same video with Jazzy and Peja?
rock sqaud, rock squad, rock
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